Good bye Thakhek!

(This post is in english for the foreign community of Thakhek, I apologize for the mistakes… 🙂   )

After 6 months spent in Thakhek, working for Sourires d’Enfants, it’s time for us to leave on the road again, again…

We left in the same time than Elodie, project manager for Sourires d’Enfants, and Félix who was working for Fondation Mérieux. Many occasion to party and say good bye to each other and hunt the sadness of the farewell!!

The first departure party took place in the villages, where we had a baci (to know what is a baci, you can check the post “ban phatang”).

After the speechs and a little pray, everyone link bracelets to each other.

At the end our wrist were full of bracelets! After this we had to eat a little bit of  the offerings: 3 seconds after this pictures, my hands were full of egg because mine wasn’t really cooked…!

Then we had gifts: a traditionnal scarf each

For the ones who don’t know: it is not the way to wear it!

For the ones who don’t know: it is the way to wear it,

but giving alcohol to children is bad…!

We went to the schools for the last time to see the children and say good bye, we will miss them a lot, they are so cute, don’t you think?

The same day, it was Félix’s farewell party: lot of fun and (maybe) to much alcohol…!  (except for Julien , who doesn’t need alcohol to be silly!) see by yourself:

The greatest events of this evening: Bérénice’s  enthronement!

She became Thakhek boss, the 3rd of the name, after an official ceremony including Beerlao, of course!

Here are all the people who were in the party:

left side: Margot, me, Félix, Bérénice, Kaoru

Right side: Antoine, Laurent, Elodie, Shuji, Julien, Anoulak and a waitress

Then , for our farewell party, we invited our friends to a burger party!

We had a very nice time, everybody was here exept Félix, already gone! Our german friends came, Filipa and Yo, and also Bounma, our lao assistant, with is wife and children. Thanks everybody for this wonderfull day!

After the (delicious) lunch, we had a “lao style” fun, with karaoke!

And we play a “pictionnary-times’up”, very funny!

Last but not least, we had an official baci in Thakhek, most for Elodie:

Again an occasion to have a lot of bracelets!

And last official diner, with lamvong dance!

Here came the time to pack again… 11 kilos for Julien, 9 for me: always light!

Thank you eveybody for these months in Thakhek, good luck to everyone, we will miss you a lot!

You mi di heng lé sok di deeeeeeeeeeer

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2 Responses to Good bye Thakhek!

  1. mclaire says:

    sur la photo de groupe tout au début, on dirait que julien a une grande barbe frisée.. pas mal!
    Cécile, je suis jalouse de ton teint!

    • Céc says:

      Julien a effectivement une petite barbe, mais pas grande et frisée, faut pas pousser! De mon coté je n’ai pas l’impression que mon teint soit particulier, mais c’est sur que je suis moins blanche que ce que je suis habituellement à cette époque de l’année!